New Home for the Radiant Heart Center

Our offer was accepted. One step closer to the Radiant Heart Community coming into being.

It seems so surreal.

Literally, this has been a vision we’ve held in our hearts so dearly for so long. It has always felt so distant and here it is, manifesting quicker than what my mind can even grasp. Is this all really happening?

Part of me doesn’t feel quite ready but such is with all big things in life- we are ready on God’s timing, not on our own. It hasn’t quite settled in yet that this is all coming together. I am in both awe and disbelief. It’s true, when we let go a little, the divine gives a little. When we let go a lot, we get a lot. When we let go completely, we open the channels for the divine to rush through and grab reigns of our lives like lord Krishna steered Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this vision and prayer. Who has believed in us and continued to encourage us towards making this a reality. For those of you who have been waiting for this to come together, we are so close! Let’s connect. It’s happening!

Grateful for our children who inspire the continued striving towards this vision of wholeness and freedom in spite of all the challenges and I’m grateful for my partner for working steadily towards the realization of this vision.

Thank you Joshua Matthew Duncan for your living embodied prayer and for being on this crazy journey through all the ups and downs. This path towards the realization of this vision has been freaking HARD as heck! may we keep up keeping up and bring forth this radiant vision for those who will come after us as the most sacred offering to thriving life for generations to come.

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