Journey to Nicaragua

Warm Greetings Everyone,

Leaving the USA a few months ago my family moved to Peru. My wife and I have spent a good amount of time in both the Jungle & the Mountains and absolutely love the rich culture there and simplicity of life. We always imagined we would raise our children there and it was our dream to be living in a simpler and more connected way.

We made the leap, let go of most of our belongings and moved our entire lives to Peru. We chose the mountains because our needs seemed to be better met there, and the potential for a school for our daughter was there.

We found a beautiful home in the sacred valley and landed fully ready to ground in. Part of our intention for moving was to explore the reality of living in another country with 2 young children. We went went an open mind and heart, deeply listening, to see how it would be. Even after just being there for a few weeks it became clear to us that the sacred valley wasnt the right place for our family.

Nicole and I thrive in warm weather, and the sacred valley was a little harsh for us right from the beginning. The housing in the sacred valley does not have heat and we werent able to have fires with our son constantly trying to get into the most dangerous places of our home. We depended largely on space heaters and felt cold most of the time. That was tough for us. It also became clear that we needed a better schooling option for our daughter, who really thrives in structured social environments. We took a short trip to Iquitos, which has always felt like home to both Nicole and I. We would have absolutely loved to live there, but there were no schooling options for us.

We had to make a tough decision and accepted that Peru was not where we were going to settle down.

In prayer we were led to find Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is warm year round and has an incredible international school which Ravi was accepted into. The climate and environment is very similar to Iquitos and land prices are accessible. Plus all of the family has good astrology there… In Iquitos and in Lincoln Nebraska.

We shifted our trajectory and flew to Nicaragua the end of July. It felt like a chapter of our lives had come to an end. Peru had always been the ideal, but now the spirit of what had called us there, was now guiding us to something new.

Upon first arriving in the capitol city of Managua we were a little hesitant and doubtful. The airport personnel were not as friendly as Peru, and the driver who picked us up was rough around the edges. But arriving in our small town of San Juan Del Sur the energy was different, the people more kind, and nature all around.

A friend had helped us find a beautiful place to rent, and another new friend helped us find a good vehicle (which is very tough right now). Cost of living is similar to Peru and it is beautiful.

So here we are in Nicaragua. The pandemic which has hit Peru and the rest of the world very hard, is much less felt here. There are no mask mandates and life goes on here almost the same as before the pandemic.

Ravi starts her school in a couple weeks and step by step our life is coming together in a good way. We love the climate… We have a beautiful ocean view, and are able to visit the closest beach less than 10 minutes away. We are surrounded by lush jungle and the land is fertile.Land itself isn’t as cheap as Peruvian Amazon, but this part of the country is also the most populated by expats and rapidly developing as families from all over the world continue to move here. Internet speeds are good and it’s possible to live here with an online income stream.

The original intention for online Cultural Detox Programs was to be able to continue to offer them no matter where we are living. After two successful programs we are looking forward to starting the next Cultural Detox program next month. We are also looking at hosting an in person retreat here later in the year. I’ve started teaching Kundalini Yoga locally as well as starting to offer weekly online classes – requested by former students. We’ve also received local interest in bringing some of the elders that we work with here.

Nicaragua has been described as Costa Rica 10 years ago. Prices are much less, tourists are fewer, and it is simply gorgeous here. Although the country has undergone political unrest a few years ago, this small town remained untouched. The locals tell us how safe it is here. Hurricanes arent an issue, earthquakes are mild, there are some active volcanoes but not much concern about them.

We are currently looking at land, as its our vision to develop community here. We’ve found an area with a lot of land for sale that is only a few kilometers away from the center of town. The town of San Juan del Sur is only a few blocks by few blocks, its very small. But with all the expats, we can get anything we need.

If you have any interest in exploring the idea of community, living more simply, in a way that has been largely unaffected by the global pandemic situation, reach out. Our idea at this time is perhaps others would like to purchase land in neighboring plots and we can have a conscious little community of families.

We’ll see how everything continues to unfold, but it all feels good and divinely orchestrated. Just a few months ago we would have never imagined we’d be in Nicaragua. It all came out of us getting clear with whats most important to us, and with that clarity there has been no reason to wait. Step by step we continue to learn what works and what doesnt. So here we are…

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