The Great Land Search

Warm greetings everyone from Nicaragua.

“The next pandemic will be the water.” When we were in the Sacred Valley we spent some time with an elder who we study with, Hermano Vidal. He sees the C0V1D situation as part of a natural transition into a new cycle upon the planet, also pointed to by the turning of a great cycle within the Mayan sacred count and the shifting into the Age of Aquarius in modern astrology.

He says that the air was the first of the “pandemics” and then there will also be great shifts with the other elements as well – Earth, Water, & Fire. He stresses the importance of having access to good clean water and also food for the times ahead.

Finding land and living regeneratively and in harmony with the elements and the natural world has been a guiding vision for my family for many years – but now the importance and urgency continues to become clearer and clearer each day.

Here in Nicaragua we are actively looking for the right land to call our home. We are looking for a quiet and safe place, with open flat areas, hilly areas and pristine forested area. Ideally with flowing waterway or an abundant access to fresh water (the area around here has water very close to ground level). We are looking for places that do not flood and also would be protected in the event of tidal waves or hurricanes.

We are looking for space with lots of surrounding land for sale so that all of you who are interested in living in a self-regenerative way, in harmony with the elements, in community with like minded families – may also have a safe and fertile place to call your home.

So far we have visited about 10 properties and we are talking with many locals and seeing new places each day.

The way of life here is a balance between living in the jungle and living in a more modern way. Nice 3 bedroom houses can be built for as little as $50,000… So far we’ve had quotes for $490 a square meter for fully finished construction.

If we had people who were willing to help invest we could purchase more land and perhaps build more infrastructure to provide housing for community who are not able to afford to build a house and / or the healing center parts of our vision for people to be able to come for shorter stays and go through Cultural Detox processes or stay as interns working on the farm / learning the Elemental arts.

This message is just sharing the journey, looking for land, including you all in the vision, doing our best to provide a way for easeful integration into a simpler and more connected way of life that just makes sense on every level.

Please reach out if you are interested in any way!

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