Today’s Land Search… My favorite so far…

This has been my favorite property that we’ve seen so far. The land for sale is not pictured – it is a forested 1.7 acre parcel of land, between this property and the road…The person selling the land also owns all this space behind it, about 70 acres, but has to do paper to be able to sell it. That could take 6 months to a year or more…

The land for sale was listed at $95,000 but was recently cut to about 1/10th that price because the owner needs the money right now. The property is near a beautiful and gentle beach for the kids, and right up to a road which makes it easily accessible. The ambiance is very tranquil and there are all sorts of jungle sounds that really bring Nicole & I home, feeling like we are in the amazon.

Before Nicole and I were together she had a vision of walking on the beach with her partner and children, and another part of her dream her children were running up a hill. She had no idea where these dream scenes took place and only now is she feeling like this could have been that place.

We are going to return to this property tomorrow and see how flat the land is in the front parcel, plus we are asking the property owners if they would be willing to make an agreement with us to sell the back part of the property to us when the paperwork is complete.

Still exploring all options….

Will keep you updated!

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