What is Cultural Detox?

The science of Cultural Detox offers a framework to understand the human condition and the nature of dis-ease and wellness. It provides a pathway for the restoration of the health, happiness, and wholeness of our purest potential.

September 7th - October 16th 2021

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

40 Day Cultural Detox Program

Clarity & Integrity

Our next 40 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation focuses on living a life of integrity from a place of ClarityGuided by moment to moment clarity we embody the wisdom of our lives as our heart path of ever deepening purpose and fulfillment. From clarity comes action, which resolves inner conflicts and becomes the focused creativity of embodying our life’s wisdom..

The process is rooted in a 40 day physical cleanse – combining supplements, superfoods, and a lifestyle protocol to create psycho-physiological changes that help facilitate cognitive shifts, changing the way we perceive and behave in the world.


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