What is Cultural Detox?

The science of Cultural Detox offers a framework to understand the human condition and the nature of dis-ease and wellness. It provides a pathway for the restoration of the health, happiness, and wholeness of humanity’s purest potential.

February 2022 - Dona Otilia

April 2022 - Papa Victor

Elders in Nicaragua

Dona Otilia & Papa Victor

February 2022 & April 2022

Doña Otilia discovered her gifts of clairvoyance and healing at a very early age. Her path began in her late teens when people began coming to her to seek advice through tobacco readings. She would share the guidance that she received for the person – offering deeper insight into the person’s life. After being recognized for her gifts, people began coming to her seeking solutions for their physical ailments. Her path led her to learning directly from the plants how to heal others. She received insight into what plants or treatments a person needed and began helping people with great success. Doña Otilia works as a traditional Vegetalista in her Camp in the Iquitos region of the Peruvian Amazon. With over 40 years of dedication and experience to her work with the plants, she has helped countless people from all over the world who have sought guidance and healing. .

Papa Victor is deeply committed to his mission of wholehearted service of unconditional love and shares his medicine in a joyful and profoundly deep way. He believes that we are self elected seeds of a new humanity and helps us plant those seeds in the fertile soil of our lives so that we can walk with great love and integrity fulfilling our divine mission on this earth. If you are interested in more details, please reach out. We are hoping to host a zoom call with Papa Victor in the next few weeks. Please feel free to share with your friends and loved ones. This is a wholehearted offering to the community and we’d love to open the work to those who feel resonant with this work at this very important time in our collective history.


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