About Cultural Detox

Cultural Detox is the science of how environment shapes consciousness.

Everything from our everyday interactions to the way we live shapes our personality, physicality, mentality, emotional temperment, and sense of self.

When we experience dis-ease, it is a signal that something is out of order. It is a message that requires no thought or interpretation, it tells us directly and immediately that something is in need of attention. If the signal is ignored or avoided, then the disharmonious conditions causing the dis-ease may continue to form a physical dis-order.

Its said everything physical has its origin in the subtle, and that is certainly true. It is the subtlest levels of our psyche, where  values and beliefs reside, that literally creates our perceptions of reality and orchestrates our behaviors. In most cases, we learned our core values and belief systems by observing our environments as very young children. By neurological design – we form a cultural value system by observing patterns starting way before we even learned to speak. This process continues, to lesser and lesser degrees, as we age – but the majority is within the first 11 years of life.

The Cultural Detox Process is the applied science for releasing the conditioning which creates a sense of limitation – and re-aligning with our infinite potential by living in harmony with natural order.

Our physical body is a projection of our multi-dimensional self. Every subtle imbalance, dis-order, or disharmony, has a manifests itself physically. If we wish to bring these imbalances back into equilibrium and work on the subtle levels that they may originate from, the process may be long and drawn out.  However by working directly on the physical level we also effect all the more subtle layers of our psyche.

The physical is like the root, and the mind / emotions the trunk, the other subtle layers are the branches, the leaves, the flowers, and fruit. When the root is healthy, the whole tree is happy – yet when the root is sick, all levels suffer. Likewise, the root delivers nutrients to the rest of the tree, and the physical delivers rich experience that fuels growth and flowering of wisdom.

By working with the physical we are working on all levels at once. We honor and facilitate the multi-dimensional process as it unfolds which is the path of “healing” returning to wholeness, is the physical.  This process leads the individual through all experiences and integration that is necessary to realize our wholeness as a human being.

About the Founders / Facilitators

Ram Krishan Singh’s History

Out of high school Ram Krishan Singh travelled to the Amazon jungle where he lived and studied with a healer and his family. Here he was lead through a detoxification process of body, heart, and mind to realized that we as humans have infinite potential for what we wish to become both individually and collectively. He has dedicated his life to understanding the nature of how we as a society have come so far away from this simple reality – and to empower others to live purposefully from their authentic presence. 

Over the years his path of study has taken him from the jungles of Peru, to Buddhist monasteries, to yogic ashrams all over the world, to the ancient Ural mountains of Russia, to the feet of Native American elders, to the temples of the Inca, and right back to the United States where he was born, to embody and share the ways of our elders who remember the original instructions.

For the past 15 years Ram Krishan has worked with people from all over the world, learning the most effective ways to create complete lifestyle transformation. He specializes in facilitating what he calls Cultural Detox, a physical, emotional, psychological process of unwinding the knots of limitation into the unconditioned presence of purest potential.