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Full Spectrum
Integrative Counseling

A unique therapeutic approach to supporting and guiding you towards realizing your sovereign, interconnected nature and its most authentic expression here and now. It brings together modern counseling methods and traditional wisdom and healing arts to include physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions into a coherent journey of self realization and actualization.

Whether navigating life’s challenges, seeking personal growth, or striving for a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s purpose, this approach provides a supportive and transformative container. It’s not just about managing dis-ease but fostering an inwardly and outwardly harmonious existence where every facet of your being is acknowledged, integrated, nurtured, and empowered to thrive.

By bringing together an array of therapeutic modalities, traditions and views, Full Spectrum Integrative Counseling offers a highly personalized and unique pathway of wholeness.

Plant Medicine

Preparation & Integration Work

Drawing on over two decades of ceremonial experience, training, and facilitation in plant medicine, this work places tremendous importance on preparation and integration – seeing the parts not an isolated events but integral elements of a transformative process that extends beyond ceremony or experience.

Preparation: This phase sets a solid foundation for your work with the plants. It involves creating a contextual understanding of the work / process, fostering a respectful relationship with the plants and yourself, clarifying your intentions as well as embarking upon a physical, mental, and emotional process to maximize receptivity and openness, ensuring that you are able to get the most from your work.

Integration Work: Post plant medicine work, the integration period focuses on helping you assimilate and contextualize your experiences within a larger process. This phase is essential for translating clarity & insight into lasting change. Gentle guidance supports you in upholding the integrity for the continuation of your process, providing a safe and nurturing space to explore emotions and insights that arise during / around the experience(s). Integration is more than just reflection; it’s about weaving your newfound clarity and understanding into the fabric of your daily life, ensuring that the lessons and growth are not lost but become a living part of your reality.

In both preparation and integration, we appreciate the sacredness of the work, helping you to see every aspect of the process as integral and part of a healing and transformative experience, reflecting our deep commitment to individual wellbeing and the collective evolution of consciousness upon our planet.

Somatic Therapy

A psycho-somatic process of transforming limiting patterns into an authentic, interconnected expression of the self in every facet of life. This holistic method bridges the gap between body and mind, uncovering the deep interplay between physical, emotional and psychological dimensions of our experience.

This approach focuses on the root physical level of our experience, which serves as a base for the exploration and transformation of entrained patterns that manifest as psycho-emotional or physical dis-ease and blocks. By reconnecting with, giving expression to, and changing our relationship with physco-somatic signals, you embark on a journey of profound personal change, moving beyond symptom relief to transforming the root cause of underlying mental and emotional patterns.

This transformative process paves the way for an integrated existence, where every aspect of your being – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – come together in wholeness, fostering a more authentic, empowered, and fully-expressed life.

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