Cultural Detox & Lifeline Somatics Presents

From Biology to Belief

A 40 Day Journey to Embodied Wholeness

March 5th – April 13th 2024

We’ll explore how our sense of self is literally biologically wired into our nervous systems and the key to being who we are is all in our view. We’ll dive into a multi-dimensional process of transforming the psycho-somatic patterns and beliefs that underly our perception, our decision making and our actions into aligned and expansive affirmations of life. 

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Program Includes

  • Physical Cleanse
  • Weekly Group Online Sessions – Live & Recorded
  • Authoritative Guest Speakers
  • Program Workbook to Support the Journey
  • Live / Recorded Weekly Kundalini Yoga Sessions
  • Tools & Techniques

Weeks Topics

  • Stress Trauma & the Nervous System
  • Default Mode Network & Sense of Self
  • Power of the Conscious Mind
  • Ever Evolving Vision of Wholeness
  • Alignment Coherence & Integrity
  • Magnetic Presence


Joshua Mathew Duncan (RamKrishan)

For the past two decades Joshua has been facilitating and supporting deep transformational work both with individuals and in groups. 

Out of high school he traveled to the Amazon Jungle where he lived and studied the sciences of vegetalismo and plant spirit medicine, undergoing a process himself that he calls Cultural Detox. Back in the United States, seeking to deeply understand the nature of the mind and the origin of dis-ease, he ordained as a Buddhist monk and spent over a year in intensive silent retreat. Leaving the monastery he was led to a master of Raj yoga and was asked to integrate his experiences and begin teaching – which has since led him all over the world and to work with individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Throughout the years he has refined his approach into simple and practical perspectives and tools that promote wholeness, unity and above all else making peace with this moment.

Through deep listening, inquiry, and reflection he helps gently guide a person towards their own clarity, sovereignty and wholeness. Helping a person disentangle from conflicting emotions, thoughts, beliefs and life choices and re-align on all levels with their deepest truth and most authentic expression.

Yehoshua Shy Sayar

After a childhood defined by war, bullying and domestic violence, Yehoshua Shy Sayar found profound relief and refuge in Somatic Therapy, and has since devoted his life to helping others find peace and happiness as well. In his doctoral work at UC Berkeley, he studied psychology, analysis and symptomatic reading, but it was even more through his decades of studying and teaching yoga, Chi Gong, meditation and the teachings of Buddhist psychology, as well as his work as director of, that he developed his uniquely powerful & effective approach to somatic therapy. Yehoshua specializes in helping adults & adolescentes address all forms of mental suffering, chronic pain and self-destructive patterns, as well as working with couples on developing the skills to nourish healthy relationships. His sessions integrate mindfulness and breathing techniques, movement practices and Ayurvedic methods into the therapeutic dialogue, as well as the greater perspective of lifestyle guidance – from nutrition and sleep habits to self-care and relationship skills. He prides himself most on being a loving partner and father, and an active, compassionate listener.

Base Program

  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Program Workbook
  • Weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes
  • Tools & Techniques
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Full Program

  • All From Base Program
  • 40 Cleanse Supplements
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Extended Support

  • All from Base & Full Program
  • Weekly Sessions with Joshua
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