an Exploration of Vibrant Natural Health

From the Heart of Modern Day Culture


Culture flows in an ever increasing alignment to Nature throughout the course of history.  In our present age we still have a ways to go to realize a harmonious social structure that works along with all of life, for the highest well being of every individual part & the whole.

This blog is the exploration of time-travelers who wish to bring the vision of a distant future to the present – the vision of what is possible into radiant embodiment, and living truth here and now.

This journey and these experiences are shared knowing all will serve as inspiration / resonant force in the awakening of our personal responsibility as conscious creators of our realities.

Thank you for sharing in the process and this exploration!

Joshua & Ixta


Key Concepts:

Health is More than Physical
Our sense of who we are goes far beyond just the physical body.  We also experience a spectrum of emotions, and bubbling thought stream.  Our unifying consciousness is a multi-layered composite of all aspects of expression and perception – which includes the physical senses, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Therefore our sense of health comes from more than just physical care – but an balanced & integrated harmony of all parts.

When the physical body is in perfect harmony and balance, so too are the emotions refreshing and positive, and the thoughts crisp and transparent.

Health is Natural
All is designed perfectly for the highest health, for us to receive in gratitude and in-joy paradise here on earth – awakening greater vision of what all of this is and our purpose here as a species – all is our birthright

Dis-Ease is Learned / Inherited 
When things are out of harmony with Nature we receive the message where we need to give more attention in order bring things back into balance.  The more out of balance the situation the louder the message.  These messages are all the forms of dis-ease we experience as a culture.  They all begin at first subtly, and if we are sensitive enough and listening we can catch them early on, learn, and enter into greater harmony than before with all of Life.  If we are not aware, or ignore the message, and if the situation that is causing the imbalance is left without remedy, then the message becomes stronger and stronger, and ultimately a great imbalance can lead to the end of this form of existence – this life for the individual.

We receive education from the culture and family in which we are raised, and so certain habits and ways of being are inherited and taken to be normal – yet these may be unhealthy ways of being.  It is up to each individual to honor and care for oneself, and listen to the messages, in whatever form they may come, in order to continue to realize greater and greater balance, happiness, health, and wholeness.

Cultural Detoxification / Way of Radiance

Return to Health = Process of Cultural Detoxification
Health = Most Natural & Ideal State of Being

The process of cultural detox is what every wisdom tradition points to, every wise person embodies, and what the collective spirit of evolution affirms every step of the way: there is dis-ease, there is a cause of it, there is an ending of it, and there is a process to realize full peace & harmony all of Life.

The process is the awareness of this, and application of the way as our center of being.  It is a sacred science of the conditions that lead to greater and greater harmony & understanding what leads in the opposite direction.

It has been called countless things in countless ways – Dhamma, Tao, The Way, Nature

Its one universal path, a sacred science that is the axis and mechanics that govern all creation.  And it is up to each individual to come to and choose to surrender and walk with the Nature of All Things.

The process is a step by step form of evolution / self realization, a model of existence that has been passed generation to generation and is a method leading to greater and greater sense of wholeness.

Every step of the way we may realize that the source, the path, and the destiny are all one in the same.  What we come from, who we are, and where we are going are all One in the same.

Who we are is not limited to simply one part of this process, to the beginning of innocence that came before us, to any part of the re-membering process, or the glorious destiny of full realization in some distant future.  These each are just fragments or ideas of what we are – and we can experience any part as an entire reality if we choose.

As unlimited beings of infinite potential of self creation – we may choose to release all ideas in gratitude and completely trust the process, continuity and flow – which is greater than any part.  This is where we find freedom to be who we always are outside of time space and limitation.

Way of Radiance

There are as many approaches to the divine, as there are unique individuals.  And for all it is a personal process guided by One’s own temperament and purpose.

We may choose to work from the bottom up – the evolution from the physical being, over the course of time rising in ever expanding self awareness.  Or the top down, accepting responsibility to guide this mind, emotion, body instrument in the best way we know how to fulfill our specific mission here on earth.

The Way of Radiance approaches the divine through balance, harmony and wholeness.  Honoring all parts of our being as a unified & collective whole, and the objective being Presence.

Starting where we are at, we shine the light of equality upon all aspects of who we are.  Every aspect of our being is equally important – because it is the collective synergy of all parts that creates a unified sense of wholeness and coherent purpose for our existence.

This perspective makes the process a joy every step of the way – because we are not waiting to get somewhere – the goal is acceptance, balance & harmony here and now.

Some may call this state Grace – its the Presence of being in the flow of things.

May all beings appreciate the flow of creation

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