The Art of Psycho-Emotional Empowerment & Protection

Aharata or Aharaj Yoga is a powerful practice of energetic protection, empowerment & transformation.

This dynamic practice has been called a fusion between Yoga and Martial Arts. It is the art & discipline of mastering your inner state, preserving, protecting, and directing your personal power to achieve your highest purposes.

This integral system of empowerment unifies all energies – physical, emotional, and mental- through concrete forms & movements. With regular practice you develop an inner state of stability, the ability to call upon powerful resources within you at any moment, and strength to direct this energy consciously towards your goals.

Topics of Aharaj Yoga:

  • Energy
  • Chakras
  • Energetic Bodies
  • Energetic Hygiene
  • Inner Fire
  • Energetic Protection
  • Art of Mastering Energy (Emotions & Thoughts)
  • Powerful Empowerment Practices – through explosive forms and katas we clean and liberate energy – breaking patterns & bringing in new energy
  • Dynamic Meditation- movement-oriented meditations used to enter into specific high states of healing and empowerment

Benefits of Aharaj Yoga:

  • Free yourself of unconscious behaviors and addictions
  • Liberate tremendous amounts of energy and feel more awake, vital, and vibrant!
  • Release emotional blocks and negativities
    • Create emotional fitness…be less affected by external stresses and negativity
    • Overcome distraction, mind chatter and mental dullness, awakening concentration, creativity and clarity
  • Feel more aligned, and powerfully imbued with your purpose!

 Aharaj Yoga Practice Guide Available for Purchase Here

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What others are saying:

“Aharaj Yoga teaches us how to empower and protect ourselves energetically. Having the tools to move negative emotions and energy out, and positive energy in is awesome!” ~Kim

“It is a very unique experience. Experience it!!! No words to describe it…” ~Vidya

An ancient empowerment practice that leaves me feeling vibrant, focused and ready to kick ass. Aharaj Yoga helps clear blocked stagnant energies, and destroys limiting beliefs that keep us from experiencing our highest potential.” -Kasia

“These are practices that can be incorporated everyday for increased energy, strength and emotional stamina. Who couldn’t use that? They compliment yoga, meditation, dance and sports activities. Personally, they are a way to add movement, exercise to my life so I don’t have to work out otherwise and I am strengthening my body while also strengthening my emotional and mental ideas towards my life goals. “ ~Lyn