August 24th & 25th

Centreville DE

$200 with prepayment before August 18th or $250 afterwards

Enter into ideal conditions facilitating release of deep trauma, heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns of being, and physical fatigue, heaviness, and pain. This short yet potent retreat offers a continuous program of natural treatments to realize greater health, harmony and wellness of heart mind body and spirit.

Throughout the weekend learn principles of balance, as well as natural technologies which aid in maintaining equilibrium as we navigate the waters of modern living.

Awaken greater awareness of the beauty around us, and peace within us. This is a unique opportunity to release limiting cultural artifacts and remember the glorious freedom of your true self.

Saturday – Shamanic Hike
Saturday – Elemental Trance Dance
Sunday – Purification by Fire at the Russian Banya

4 Delicious Balanced Meals
Elemental Arts Movements & Cultural Detox Paradigm – the balance of nature
Transport to and from the Russian Banya
Simple Overnight Lodging


Shamanic Hike & Elemental Rituals

Saturday August 24th at 11am

Every step your own inward journey to connect with the power of the elements inside you and receive their sacred medicine.

Cleanse the soul & open the heart in the breath of spirit
Allow the fires to purify the will and path ahead
Wash away the past and surrender to the flow in the universal waters
Center in being as the earth crystalizes the abstract into the concrete

Connect with your nature of being
Learn tools of cleansing
Develop your relationship with each element
Honor the sacred mystery of life


Drumming Ritual & Elemental Trance Dance

Saturday August 24th

Ritual of Cleansing followed by Guided 7 Elements Trance Dance

Move your body in dynamic meditation to active modern musical compositions specifically chosen for the energy of each element.

You are lead on a guided journey, immersing awareness within each element of earth, water, fire, air, ether, time and space, and give them life through your dynamic movement.

This healing art has no requirements, no previous experience necessary
Only sincerity

Deepen your awareness of the unique energies inside you and awaken confidence in expressing yourself in creative ways. Release emotional baggage, inner blocks, frustration, anything seeking expression can find outlet through dynamic dance.


Purification by Fire at the Russian Banya

Sunday August 25th at 11am

The fire has been used in sacred purification rituals throughout the ages. Modern medicine also praises the holistic health benefits of saunas, steams, and a good sweat.

In this same spirit we use the fire, the heat of the russian banya (sauna) to open pores, relax tension, release stress, and allow the physical body to send all toxins out.

Following the ways of the siberian shamanism tradition, each individual applies concentrated practices, techniques, and the aid of various other elements to cleanse the physical emotional and mental debris obstructing clean healthy natural state of well being.