It Takes a Village to Maintain A Lodge

All who are able are welcome to join us in a Work Day for Black Walnut Lodge at Sweet Harmony Farm on Saturday, June 25, 2016, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

We will be cutting fire wood and stacking it, as well as securing the blankets and tarps on the Lodge. All help is welcome.

Please bring work gloves, chain saws, axes, etc.for splitting wood

Or, help us secure the blankets and tarps on the lodge.

All contributions of blankets, stones, or, fire wood are welcome

~Please bring pot luck food to share, and, join us afterwards for a wonderful meal. (Food can be placed on the table on the back porch, or, in the kitchen.)

Please Come share this sacred day with us,

Much Love and Gratitude, Kim


Much Gratitude to Joshua for Pouring Water and Carlo for Tending Fire for our April Sweat Lodge to Honor Our Elders, Honor GrandFather Eddie Holmes and Welcome in Spring.

Here Are The Directions To Black Walnut Lodge at Sweet Harmony Farm:

Sweet Harmony Farm is located on the Delaware/ Maryland Mason Dixon Line at 1653 Dixie Line Rd. Elkton, MD 21921.

You can email, or, call Kim at 302-598-7955.

There is a Closed Red Gate half way up my gravel driveway. You can park on right and walk up driveway, or, drive up and park in drive way, or carefully on the grass.  

Red Gate: 

1. Park 15 – 20 feet away from Gate. 

2. Gate opens towards road Only.

3.  prop gate open with log to enter

4. Close gate by gently lifting up and placing back on red brick, so Laverne & Cathy don’t get loose. 

(Laverne, Cathy & Mr. Smythe are friendly, wandering goats who live here at Sweet Harmony Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

They will most likely avoid you. Sadie is the friendly horse in the pasture.) No, they do not butt people, we have no inter species head butting here 🙂

Entrance: Walk to left side of house/garage on path to around back of house onto back porch and into kitchen.

Black Walnut Lodge can be reached by walking past kitchen, to the left of the house, and through a small opening in tree line….