Feathered Serpent Trance Dance Meditation & Sound Bath

Sunday November 23rd 2pm – 4pm


Let us celebrate and honor the 7 directions through dynamic movement meditation – leading us to complete relaxation and immersion in the healing vibrations of drums, bells, crystal bowls, and other sacred instruments that awaken cellular memory, and wholeness.

Dance in the river of light as the mystical feathered serpent, giving ourselves in joy, and freeing the universal energies within.

Today’s theme

is cutting away the past, negativity, and dis-ease.  Making a clear choice to walk forward in a new way of positivity, balance, and unwavering truth.

About Trance Dance:

 Trance dance dynamic meditation is a timeless practice of connecting with the spirit, reaching back to before recorded history.  Through dynamic movement, we unite heart / body / mind / spirit and give expression to cosmic forces that guide the course of destiny.

Through dynamic dance release physical disease, repressed emotion, mental blocks, and negativity.  Awaken inner brightness, confidence, vision, and physical vibrancy.

After an introduction and establishing our intentions for the evening, we are guided on a journey accompanied by ancient & modern music.  We close with deep relaxation, guided meditation, and gratitude.

A spiritual background or practice is not necessary, nor is experience dancing.

Wear light breathable clothing, bring a water bottle, and carry the intention to let go and have fun!