Forage and Feast From Field to Table: Using Wild Edible Plants to prepare gourmet meals, and much more!

Come join us for a day of discovery and fun! Learn how to recognize and utilize common plants in their natural environment, then harvest them and prepare them into a delicious meal! Wild plants also have medicinal properties, and far more nutrients than their cultivated counterparts.  They are also free for the harvesting, as long as we offer something of ourselves in exchange! And, you will be pleasantly surprised at how good they taste. Nature loves to surprise us!

You will also learn basic botany, how to recognize families and use that information to enable you to find plants on your own.

When? Saturday, June 20th, 9am to 6pm.

Where? Creative Space, 1605 Powell Rd., Coatesville, PA

Fee: $75 per person, wild-harvested meal included.

Bring: a bagged lunch, water bottle, something to take notes, and possibly a camera. Dress appropriately to be outside most of the day.

Contact: Sarah Murray (302) 507-6548 or email

I look forward to seeing you there!