From as early as in the womb we have received impressions from our surroundings and the culture we live within.  Our experiences shape us, and the very vibratory essence is stored within the our cells.  The brain forms neural pathways corresponding relating emotion with experience – and this develops preferences and personality.

Through this series we undergo powerful meditations and practices to target key areas where past experience is held – we free ourselves of traumas, emotions, and patterns of thought.

For those who wish to release the burdens of the past and step forward forever a new person, come prepared to give 110% and you get what you put in.

The class is generally a challenge, however its suitable for beginners as well as advanced yoga students as there are no complicated postures, only the challenge to keep up and transform!

Each week is a completely different class, part of a 24 class Rebirthing Series.

$15 per class

$50 for 6 class package

$110 for 15 class package

$180 for 24 class package