At the moment of our birth we receive an “energetic blueprint” of all of the celestial energies of the cosmos and how they come together to create our specific being.  The science of astrology understands how each of these planetary energies affect us, and also can shows us where our gifts and challenges are.

Dynamic Meditation or Trance Dance is a great practice of becoming conscious of these energies, and understanding what they feel like, this way we can use them when we need them, and understand them as the energies of the universe.

We connect deeply with these energies and through our intuitive feeling and guidance we give these energies expression, life, and character.

Think of the greek gods, hermes = mercury, airies = mars. These gods each have a personality, a body type, an objective and a purpose. In the same way, the energy of these planets affects us every day. It may come through on a particularly strong mars day. Then we experience all of our friends more aggressive and less communicative. Then we may begin to feel this energy ourself. If we are conscious of this energy, we can find other ways to creatively direct it, so that it serves us, and we do not serve it by unconsciously embodying this energy. So that this energy finds harmonious expression through us, while offering us a gift to use how we choose.

Also we begin to call upon these energies whenever we need them. If we have an important business meeting we can call upon jupiter to help us feel strong and powerful. If we have a marathon to run, call upon Mars or the Sun for physical strength & energy. Maybe the situation calls for subtlety and intimacy, call upon Venus, for her sensitivity.

Becoming aware of these energies, they are allies at our service for our creative purposes.