Brief Description:

Since before recorded history, the wise have treated dis-ease using only natural methods, and live in harmony with nature which brings balance and vibrant health.  These ways have been passed on through the generations and even today continue to treat and prevent what modern medicine calls incurable dis-ease.

Join Joshua and Nicole as they share personal experience, and describe the sacred science revealed in the amazon jungle ~ Cultural Detox.

Cultural Detox is a way of life, taking the potential for vibrant health and natural harmony (which is our birthright), into our own hands. Cultural Detox weaves together heart centered values from cultures and traditions across the globe into a single tapestry and context for thriving human existence.

About Joshua

Joshua is a life long student of sacred arts and universal wisdom. With over 10 years worldwide travel and intensive study with masters of healing arts – he shares the wisdom of diversity within a unified wholeness perspective called Cultural Detox.

About Nicole

After losing both her parents to cancer, Nicole became inspired to explore the world sciences & wisdom traditions. From New York City to the Amazon Jungle Nicole’s own healing journey has evolved into a life of devotion & helping others. She shares through her artwork, writing, nutrition, and vibrant lifestyle. She is a certified Sivananda Hatha Yoga Instructor, nutritional consultant, and artist who weaves together her life experiences in an approachable way of health called Cultural Detox.