$2 with a Raw Food Dish for 6-8 people.  
or $12 without

Come and enjoy a delicious vegan dinner and hear Joshua and Nicole speak about Cultural Detox Jungle Retreats.


Since before recorded history the wise treated disease using only natural methods, and followed a clear course to bring balance and health to the people. These ways have been passed on throughout the generations and even today continue to treat what modern medicine​ ​calls incurable dis-ease.

Come and learn about the sacred science and natural treatments that are offered in the jungles of Peru.

Join Joshua ​and Nicole ​as ​t​he​y​ share personal experiences, and describe the wholistic process offered in the Peruvian Amazon​ ~ Cultural Detox.​


Joshua has been studying the science of plant medicine and natural healing for the past ​10​ years​, and Nicole for 4 years​. ​Together they travel to Peru and facilitate​ ​Cultural Detox Jungle Retreats for people who are seeking to heal​ ​specific physical issues, or to realize greater health and wellbeing.