“The drum is our very ancient grandfather. It will guide us with its rhythm on the pilgrimage to the four cardinal points of the universe”. 

-Marakame Don Jose Luis Ramirez

In this workshop, we come together in a Ceremony of Creation on the Winter Solstice, overcoming many obstacles along the way. We bond with the medicine of the drum as we infuse our energy and become their caretakers. In the same way, they become our teachers and our healers. The one-sided Shaman’s hand drum is constructed with Elk or Deer hides, Maple or Cedar Frames, and sinew. Each participant will paint their own frame and learn traditional Native drum songs! Together we will “birth” our drums and offer gratitude to the spirits who made our drums possible.

Santiparro Alan Scheurman is an Artist, Musician, and Sound Healer based in the Catskills. He is a spiritual pilgrim and ambassador to ancient cultures working to educate the public about sacred pathways to achieve health, harmony, and peace.

Workshop cost is $200

Participants must RSVP and pay a $120 deposit via paypal or venmo before Thursday December 11th 2014 to reserve space.