Join us Sundays as we move through a day-long practice to bring our awareness to all aspects of ourselves by reconnecting with the elements and the cosmic order represented by the Sun-Sol/Soul. Spiritual practice is fundamental to wholesome growth in all aspects of our lives. When we neglect to nourish our spirit, the body’s energy stagnates and we become ill or dis-eased. When our spirit is in harmony, we shine like the sun and life flourishes. This Yoga (Sankrit for Union) is a compilation of the principles of Spirit as I have received them, in accord with the wisdom and practices from various traditions, including Andean, Tibetan, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, all organized on a backbone of Ashtanga (8-limbed) Yoga and Native American teachings. The practice will take place on Sundays from sunrise to sunset. All are welcome to come at any time, but are encouraged to arrive at 8:30 to join in calling in the Directions, which serves as a way of calibrating the spiritual dimensions and honoring the forces that guide and protect our lives. The practice then cycles through the elements of the Cosmos, which is our being, opening the energy channels and bringing the awareness deep into the heart of our existence, where we tune in to the cellular memory of our fullest expression to heal all parts of ourselves that are not in alignment. The Yoga of the Sun is a holistic method to realign with Source consciousness – the Sol/Soul. The Sunday practice is a type of seminar on this work, but more generally it is a way of life, meant to be ever-evolving and applied every day. And so I am offering additional services and events, such as energy healing and Reiki training, to aid people in realizing their own process of becoming, of realizing their highest potential: the illumination of their Sol through every aspect/dimension of their being. It is encouraged that you bring a blanket or yoga mat, water bottle, a special crystal if you wish, sunscreen (no chemical sprays please), and unprocessed, chemical-free fruit and vegetables for lunch. Wear comfortable clothing; white or light colors are encouraged 🙂