So grateful to be in retreat this week.  I am at the bhavana society buddhist monastery in west virginia who offers donation based meditation retreats throughout the year lead by the elder monks of the monastery.

I will reconnect with technology based communication networks next moonday ;).  A well needed and so deeply appreciated week of being unplugged and heart centered in simple living. This will be the first time in months since being back in the states.  While in the jungle it was at least 6 days at a time without electricity, or modern technology.  Im ready to submerge and bathe in the clear waters of the heart.

This retreats focus is emenating loving kindness to all creation, so touch in.  If we are connected you are receiving the blessings of this retreat too!

I will be in new york monday the 28th and there is an Aharata – heart of fire practice session at circle park 6:30pm.

Peace love and harmony to all hearts

Science continues to discover the magic of the heart.