14 Day Cultural Detox Retreat

June 29th – July 13th 2014


21 Day Cultural Detox Retreat

June 29th – July 20th

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Retreat Preparation Ideas

This is a special retreat beginning on the 1st day of a 13 day cycle of FORGIVENESS & INTROSPECTION following the tradition of the Mayan Sacred Count.  The energy of this period brings deep release and freedom from the past, acceptance and self love, inner peace, remembering the earth and our ancestors.  There are few things more healing and liberating, for all those it touches, than forgiveness.  We will perform rituals, different practices, and prayers to specifically to facilitate this theme and clarify our direction and mission in life.

[wptabtitle]The Experience[/wptabtitle]


When you come to work here you are coming to a hospital in the jungle. In the city everyone feels good, everyone seems healthy. Yet in the silence of the jungle you will see really what is inside, and that everyone has problems they are untangling.

There is no schedule, no distractions, no activities planned. Only the medicine and your own unique inner process.

The camp is simple, quiet, & peaceful. There is no electricity, no running or hot water, and there are insects.

Dona Otilia directs the camp and all the treatments, the medicines, and flow here. She is always available to talk to in order to understand more deeply whats happening, to see and solve problems of your life, and to dissolve inner conflicts and confusion. She is very loving, joyful and always open and available to help.

The food here is very simple. We are in the jungle and receive fresh fruits and veggies from trips to town. Dona Otilia has studied and continues to study diet and how it works with the plant medicines. All the food is carefully selected and prepared with love, the food itself is medicine – prepared with intelligence and energy. To appreciate it as such is to receive the healing and health it provides.

The treatments depend on each individual. Whatever the specific need and desire, the appropriate medicine will be given. The work here is very complete, treatments addressing everything from bones, blood, muscles, nerves, organs, skin, energy, trauma, psychological problems, and spiritual problems. As well as treating long standing dis-eases of body, heart, mind and spirit. It is recommended you stay at least 2 – 3 weeks to receive a well rounded and complete treatment. The treatments are not instantaneous and are delicate processes. The many types of treatments include: anti-parasite medicine, sauna, medicinal baths, massage, bone setting and re-alignment, very strong plant medicines, diet, and salves – as well as specific treatments for your individual needs.

The plant medicines work very deeply and in mysterious ways. They are considered teachers as well as healers, and when you work with them it is called dieting with the plants. When you diet with the plants all the deep problems of one’s life can not be avoided and start to come out and released. Emotional, psychological, mistakes, all problems, you will see more clearly what problems you in fact have. It is important to respect the plants and the process as well as the guidance of the healers here to help you.

You have the opportunity to work with Ayahuasca. This is a medicine that brings light to all that’s inside. It helps to treat addiction and trauma, as well as see your life clearly. It can be helpful to gain direction and purpose in life or find what you are looking for. It is not a magic healer, and because you drink you will not automatically have visions or even a pleasant experience. It is another powerful teacher as well as doctor medicine. It will help you clean all negativities, organize your life, and find what you are looking for. To have a beautiful experience you must be clean, clear, and have pure respectful intentions for drinking the medicine. We have ceremonies Tuesday and Fridays and this is not a rule but is decided by Dona Otilia with wisdom, taking in to consideration of each individual at the Hospital in the Jungle.

All people who come need rest (see video on rest) first. This is without exception. The plants and life here will be cleaning all the old, physical, emotional, mental patterns. It is very strong cultural detoxification. People are accustomed to doing many activities and distracting themselves from the truth of the weight and pain they carry deep inside. Being here all of this will have the space to come up and out – your body will feel tired and want rest. Your mind may not want rest but your body asks for it. As you go deep and clean deeper it will be easier to relax. The deep turmoil dissolves and rest is easy and natural. This is part of the healing process, to re learn the art of relaxation, and allow the body to use all energy in other ways.

When you come you are coming to heal. This is the purpose of this camp and Dona Otilia´s purpose as well. To help people become free of all disease and weight of the past, to organize their lives, solve their problems, find direction, and live happily. It requires trust and surrender. to accept and to follow the medicine path. To come here and let go of ideas, habits, follow the guidance, and receive the treatments. The benefits you receive will depend directly upon your openness and ability to accept what you are given in the attitude of gratitude, and that all is truly medicine and healing.

If you would like to come and understand what the camp is, and the work here, you are very welcome. This is a safe quiet environment to do very deep work. You will receive support, medicines, and treatments depending on your intentions for coming. You may always ask for guidance, clarification, help, and the individual can seek more personal support when they need it. Some just want their own space, and to be left to their own process, and this is the freedom of being here.

Before you come we will discuss what your intentions are and what you´d like to receive so we can best prepare for you.

The cost is $1450 for an all inclusive 14 day healing retreat or $1750 for 21 days, including transportation once inside Iquitos, lodging, food, treatments, medicine, and translation. I will pick you up at the Iquitos Airport, even if your flight is delayed, I´ll be there when you arrive. From here the medicine has already began, and you will be completely taken care of with every detail considered. Your individual needs and highest interest will always be considered and adapted to – however the diet and way of the Hospital in the Jungle has been developed over decades and so your individual preferences will need to be surrendered in the greater desire for real change and healing.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA

[wptabtitle]Program Includes[/wptabtitle]


  • All Activities, Medicines & Treatments Throughout the Program
  • 2+ Meals a Day
  • Lodging
  • Transportation Inside Iquitos (motor taxis & taxis inside the program)
  • Translator & Guide
  • Daily support & guidance for inner healing work and life direction


  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies a week
  • Plant Baths
  • Bone Doctor Treatments
  • Oje – An Anti Parasite Medicine for Stomach & Intestines
  • Chiri Sanango, Ajo Macho, or Ajo Sacha (depending on plant availability and recommendation from Dona Otilia)
  • Personalized Treatments & Medicines Available Depending on Your Needs – if you have specific problems please discuss before hand so we can prepare for you a course of treatment


  • Two nights in Iquitos (first and last days)
  • Day on the Amazon & Visiting with the River Dolphins
  • Visit the Belen Market and Shaman Alley
  • Visit the Native Shapibo and Local Artists Market

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA

[wptabtitle]Sample Itinerary[/wptabtitle]


Day One
Arrive in Iquitos, Check In to Hostel, Tour the City

Day Two
Visit the Belen Market, Eat Breakfast, Head into the Jungle , Meet Dona Otilia, Plant Bath

Day Three
Working with the Medicine + Ritual of Intent, Plant Bath, Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Evening

10 or 16 Days in the jungle, resting, working with plant medicines, receiving treatments, going through your unique process.  We will have optional sharing space days after ceremonies, optional discussion throughout the program on different elements of Cultural Detox, and rituals of intent on days of ceremony.

Day Twelve
Ritual for Clearing the Way, Plant Bath, Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Evening

Day Thirteen
Leave the Jungle Mid Day & Enjoy the Afternoon on the Water with River Dolphins, Head to Iquitos for the Evening

Day Fourteen
Breakfast of Local Fruits, Visit the Artisans Market, Lunch at the Vegetarian Restaurant, Fly Home

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA

[wptabtitle]The Camp & Healer[/wptabtitle]


The curandera doña Othelia has a beautiful camp about 50 kilometers from Iquitos where she lives and works with patients and the plants. Her camp has private huts for long term patients and students. For shorter stays, visitors stay in a dormitory style buildings with shared bathroom. All living quarters are located on top of hills with amazing view of the Amazon Rainforest.
All of the tambos are partially screened in, and all of the beds have mosquito nets. And there is a common area with hammocks for rest & relaxing.
A 35 minute hike into the jungle is required to get to the camp, after a one hour taxi ride from the city of Iquitos.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA



You can fly directly to Iquitos, Peru (IQT)  (www.orbitz.com is finding the lowest fares)
or fly to Lima, Peru (LIM) and then take a domestic flight to Iquitos (IQT)
Joshua will pick you up at the airport in Iquitos
***Please Aim to Arrive Before 3pm SundayJune 29th ***
***Depart late morning or afternoon on Sunday July 13th or 20th***


Cost of the 14 Day Cultural Detox Retreat is $1450 & 21 Day Cultural Detox Retreat is $1750.
  • This cost includes, pick up at the airport, hostel in the city, meals, lodging, plant medicine, medicinal baths, ayahuasca ceremonies, personal guidance & healing with Dona Otilia (the healer), laundry at least once a week, all the rest and relaxation you can imagine.


  • This cost does not include cost of extra meals in the city, costs while staying in the city outside of the program. Typically being in the city is $25 – $35 a day for lodging, transportation and food.


2 simple vegetarian meals a day. Fish or chicken are generally offered once a week. There is generally fruit each day, soups, grains, potatoes, mixed vegetable dishes, beans, pancakes made from bananas and eggs. The meals are simple yet very nourishing, often prepared by Dona Otilia herself or directed by her. Many coming from Raw food diets have seamlessly transitioned into this way of eating and experienced stronger bodies, more balanced minds and emotions, and undeniable increased sense of wellbeing.
You will be in the shared dormitory style tambo, with an bed, mosquito net, shared hamocks, and shared bathroom
If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA

[wptabtitle]Videos & Testimonials[/wptabtitle]


There are many articles and videos out there on Ayahuasca, however few truly capture the essence of what the medicine is and the healing that takes place in Peru.
Here is one of the best videos about Ayahuasca, Shamanism, & Peru = Pequeno Muerte
There is also a well made documentary temporarily available to screen online for free – The Sacred Science (if it is offline please contact me and I can grant you access to watch our copy)


I wanted to express my gratitude for a wonderful experience. I was very impressed by everything. Your execution of the ceremonies, although I have nothing to compare it to, were very transcending and really mind blowing. The preparation of the fresh food from the land was a wonderful treat and the positive energy that surrounded even the simplest of activities was contagious. It was all in all a much needed retreat for my soul and body and I can’t thank you enough for the whole, amazing experience.


A breathtaking river boat ride up the Amazon and a short hike through the rainforest will bring you to Radiant Heart Center, a sweet paradise in the jungle. Their program is a wonderful way to go deeply into yourself, clear, expand and explore healing plant medicines for body and mind. When you leave you will have received insight, practices to take home, healing and renewal!


If you are looking for Love, Medicine and Miracles look no further than the Radiant Heart Center, a Sacred Sanctuary consecrated for the purpose of Love, Education, and Divine Healing. Joshua and Nick did an amazing job of holding space and being fully present throughout the entire time, asking questions and checking in regularly, cooking meals, preparing the medicine and medicine baths, and of course during every ceremony. I felt thoroughly supported, completely accepted, nurtured and totally loved by the care, love and service of these two amazing spiritual warriors. The meals, the medicine baths, the morning practice and meditations, the many medicines, were all a large part of the healing and allowed cleansing of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies so that i could open fully to the medicine and receive its divine teachings and wisdom.

Joshua is totally committed to the medicine and the medicine path and is dedicated to personal and group transformation. He is vibrant and happy, present and patient, alive and radiant, light hearted, caring, very approachable and wise beyond his years.

The trip continues to unfold for me daily and has changed who I AM. As more and more time goes by i feel i am integrating the work that was done and can still feel its impact. I’m so looking forward to my next trip and delving deeper into ME.


If you are interested in attending or have any questions please CONTACT JOSHUA