The power of a smile. Never underestimate the immense healing power of a smile. It can literally transform a person’s entire inner world offering a glimmer of light and hope where there may , otherwise, not be any.  A simple recognition and acknowledgement that: “I see you and I appreciate, and love you for being a reflection of the divine”. A simple gesture that says a million thank yous for the mere act of standing in each other’s presence and communicating through the silent language of the heart – Namaste- I bow to the divine in you. How often do we walk through life and really take the time to step outside of our little bubble of experience to acknowledge the world around us? All it takes is a simple smile to snap a person out of the endless turbulence of the mind and bring them into the peace of the present moment.  A simple gesture that has the immense power of cutting through any amount of darkness because it’s a natural expression of the heart, of TRUTH, of the divine and it’s one of the purest ways in which we allow that infinite internal light of God to shine out from the very center of our heart to the outside world. When we look at a depiction of Jesus, we often see him portrayed with a luminous heart with rays shining out in all directions and him pointing with a finger to that heart. The message being “remember, remember that this is the truth of your being and always be centered in here for it will always show you the way”.  One of the first and most natural and organic expressions of a baby is a smile. Where does this come from? It’s not a learned behavior. It is born out of the innocent and natural recognition and expression of the heart; of the divinity within. May we never underestimate the immense power of a smile and may we remember to use it as a magic wand to transform darkness and density into light whenever needed.