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Cultural Detox Facilitation

Cultural Detox work is about freeing ourselves from cultural paradigms that are inherently limiting and disconnected – and re-defining core values, beliefs and behaviors to embody your purest potential.


Start where you are and live into where you want to be:

Mayan Astrology &

Tantric Numerology Readings

40 Day
Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Program

Cultural Detox

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation


The Foundational Work


Each session is potent, revealing, insightful,  practical and serves as a mirror into your infinite potential. Each session beyond the Foundational Work continues to dynamically supports the process of living into ideals.

Sessions includes practical tools to apply to your life, and homework that carries you deeper into the process of Self Actualization.  Your beliefs, willingness, and your ideals create the framework for the journey.  Ram Krishan Singh serves to help put the pieces together and facilitates a natural process of awakening into our preferred reality – our ideal life.  His diversity of life experience and training allows him to be an uplifting presence that neutrally reflects the wisdom of your own journey in an easy to digest way.

The Cultural Detox work is a commitment which requires 100% of your attention and focus.  It serves as a platform of real change into more and more authenticity and alignment with doing what you are here to do.

  • Discover Your personal energetic blueprint  through a Mayan Cross reading
  • Decode your personal strengths, challenges, and path of fulfillment using Tantric Numerology
    • Develop a complementary personal yoga / meditation practice based upon your numerology, and using the technology of Kundalini Yoga
  • What resonates with you? What are key concepts that stand out to you?
  • What areas are you most interested in developing?
  • Identify your core values and live into them
  • Clearly define your goals and create a life vision through a process for identifying ideals
    • Identify blocks & ways through them
    • Go 7 layers deep
  • Identify limiting beliefs and psychological blocks
    • Clearly define and understand them
    • Redefine and align core beliefs with your preferred reality
  • Create a daily regimen for balanced growth based upon your goals
    • May include breathing, hydration, diet, movement, rest, & detox
    • Includes behaviors and practice(s) based upon your strengths / weaknesses
  • Create a concrete timeline and action plan for achieving your goals


Tantric Numerology 

$ 33 approx. 25 minute session
  • Your personal numerology, giving insight into your natural strengths, your gifts to develop, your way to inner peace and outer harmony, and path of greatest fulfillment
  • Optional - receive suggestions and / or kundalini yoga practices for balancing and strengthening areas of your choosing

Mayan Cross

$ 55 30 minute session
  • Learn about the 5 archetypal energies that compose your Maya Cross
  • Learn how to balance each energy
  • Receive a copy of your Mayan Cross Chart
  • Learn important dates for connection to and renewal of your essential self

Mayan Feathered Serpent Reading

$ 88 45 - 60 minute session
  • Learn about the energy archetype of the day you were born and its 9 dimensions
  • Learn about a timeline of progression through stages of life
  • Learn about your 28 day period to awaken the flow of kayopa or blood lightning (kundalini) that is our source of health, harmony, and connection
  • Includes a PDF chart of your Mayan Path of the Feathered Serpent Chart
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