ThanksgivingindecWe are pushing this retreat back a week due to requests and to line up with the Online Cultural Detox Retreat and serve as a great celebration.

The theme of this weekend is Giving Thanks for all the blessings in our lives, and cultivating a heart of gratitude.  Friday evening we celebrate with a delicious and nourishing ThanksGiving meal.  After our superfood smoothie Saturday morning, we appreciate a 24 period of Fasting – receiving only the subtle nourishment from our activities of the day.  A morning Gratitude meditation, and then travel to the Russian Banya for some cleansing practices, followed by an evening of awakening vision of the future with dancing and vision boarding.  Then Sunday morning a gentle awakening with group movement, meditation, and prayer – and Break Fast. Followed by a hike and appreciation of the beauty of nature – with warm meal


ThanksGiving Meal

SATURDAY – 24 hours of Fasting
7am   Movement & Meditation
9am     Morning Super Food Smoothie
11am   Cleansing at the Spa ($35 entrance fee not included)
Rest & Relaxation
6pm   Trance Dance & Vision Boarding

7am  Movement & Meditation
9am     BreakFast
11am   Shamanic Hike
1pm     Warm Meal