I am grateful for 5 days to center and really rest.

The first few days i fell asleep nearly each time i sat down and slowly returned to presence through sitting and walking appreciation.

I really love loving kindness meditation.  Its a loving presence, relaxed and kindly considering all things in awareness.  Awareness changes and sometimes is with very pleasant experience and othertimes can be anything from bubbling thoughts, to feelings of all sorts – the object of meditation isnt to attain something or have some experience – its to be with whatever experience is present, with an openness and innocence. 
And meditation is a natural state.   So it was nice to reconnect with the buddha’s teachings and the conditions he explained lead to peace, great reminders, the greatest blessing of the 5 days was remembering what meditation is.

So this month is loving kindness meditation sundays at the centre for vibrant living in kennett square pennsylvania.  Also a class next thursday on what meditation is as explained by the buddha and in a modern language understandable by all.

This weekend is a very special ceremony, falling upon a very auspicious astrological time.  Between the day of the dead and an eclipse.  If you are interested in participating please contact me.

Peace and blessings
I look forward to sharing many videos and many things over the coming weeks.  Also offering a few more talks about cultural detox and jungle retreat opportunities.