1 Ix

Mother Nature
Elixir of Our Soul
Your Limitless Potential
Is the Magic Of Creation

May We Walk in Grace
As Emissaries of Your Heart
Upon the Sacred Altar of  Mother Earth

Maltiox Ahau Nagual Jun Ix

Today is the first day of the Ix 13 Day Trecena.

The mighty jaguar emerges from the darkness, walking gracefully as an extension of mother nature herself.  Feel the limitless source of all that WE are and walk in harmony with the Earth and All of Creation.  Listen deeply for out of the stillness comes the silent movement of the Jaguar – forget yourself in the listening and become the stillness.

Today is a day for introspection, quiet, stillness, nature.  Go deep inside to re-member purpose – its always calling – follow this primal impulse.

Put on the magician’s mask and feel the power of every thought, every emotion, every word, every action -> setting in motion that silent stalking of our dreams.  Keep calm, remain humble, its all moving at Earth Speed.