Creation’s Vibration

By Ram Krishan Singh

“’In the beginning there was a word, word was with God, and word is God,’ and anybody who can speak the word and mean it, the whole Universe will uphold his meanings.”
-Yogi Bhajan

In the Beginning…There was the Word

Throughout countless traditions and said in countless ways, is the same universal Truth: In the beginning there was the word, the word is God, and the word is creation. All things find their source in the primal word or sound current that was, is, and will be forever more.

This initial word serves as the organizing principle of creation; and it is this primal pattern that contains the evolutionary blueprint of Life.

As creation coalesces around this organizing principle, dimensions of existence come to be, formed upon harmonics of this original source vibration. It’s like looking at a cell through an electron microscope and seeing there are worlds within worlds.

Human Instrument Receiver: Transmitter of Truth

We as human beings have come from this evolutionary process of creation and have an evolutionary capacity to consciously realize our source and awaken this primal memory within every cell of our physical body. Having a human birth is considered, in many spiritual traditions, to be a very special opportunity to realize God.

The opportunity is a direct result of past virtuous actions that are bearing fruit in this lifetime in order for those wholesome seeds planted long ago to reach fullest expression. Through experience, we have the opportunity to increase awareness of our Source Vibration and awaken greater awareness of the Soul.

When the human body-heart-mind system is clean, its channels vibrate and it serves as an instrument of perception and expression. Channels are like strings that resonate from subtle non-visible dimensions to the physical systems of the body, and a single frequency can propel consciousness into direct experience.

Science is now understanding how all creation vibrates: matter vibrates, sound vibrates, light vibrates. Our human instrument is designed to be receptive and interactive within all realms of vibration.

Creation is Now

Creation is not just one event long ago—it is happening right now. Out of the infinite potential of this moment creation is happening. Every thought, feeling, emotion, word, action, is a directive to the Universe.

Speech is one of our primary modes of communication, and it operates through sound. Our eardrums receive vibrations and perceive them, and our minds translate those patterns into meaning.

Sound is one of our God-given gifts of creation, and it serves the same organizing principle as the original Word of creation. Some indigenous traditions tell how a bird’s song creates its trajectory of flight and gives it the ability to fly. Just as the bird creates its ability to fly, our vibratory projection creates our path of destiny.

This is our task of the Aquarian Age, to consciously create our reality as artists of our lives—not only through our choices, but through our vibratory projection. Thought, emotion, speech, action, intention, emanation, all that we are and all that we do, we aim to project the Truth of who we are. And how do we do that with authenticity and grace? By attuning to our primal universal origin—the primal sound current.

Radiant Embodiment

Physiologically the human instrument radiates an electromagnetic field that is constantly interacting with its immediate surroundings and the Universe. This interaction is a two-way street of communication that intricately informs from the densest to the subtlest details of our state of being.

While the mind is a powerful creative instrument, the heart generates an electromagnetic field 60 times stronger, and this field is directly influenced by the quality and coherence of the state of the individual. This means that a consistently happy individual vibrates a stable field of happiness.

The more consistency, alignment, and authenticity in our projection, the stronger the electromagnetic vibratory field and the clearer the interchange between the individual and the Universe; and the brighter the Soul’s projection into the vibratory worlds of existence.

“Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path” is about bringing greater Heart-centered coherence to our projection—every expression and interaction. The ideal is a coherent alignment so the light of the soul shines through as our radiant embodiment.

With coherence in our lives from the origin of light at the soul level, through the mind to physical expression, to intention, to our electromagnetic field, to the subtlest interactions, to the Radiant body, the light of the Soul cuts through time and space.

We are blessed to have the technology of 3HO and Kundalini Yoga available—a science of radiant embodiment and a complete lifestyle for self-mastery, the ability to project a precise emanation of the Soul.

When we want to move forward but the way seems blocked, open the way by vibrating the Cosmos. Through integrity of being, sacred sound, and whole hearted efforts, the Universe responds by design. It’s up to each of us to project Truth and the way is open.

Together WE Make a Difference

Collectively every individual makes a difference. Humanity’s collective coherence has a powerful impact upon our Planet and collective experience.

Over 600 scientific research studies conducted in 30 countries have shown that in cities where as little as one per cent of the population practiced the same meditation technique, crime rate is lowered by 16% on average, indicating increasing order and harmony. Research scientists named this phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness, the Maharishi Effect.

The Maharishi Effect demonstrates a universal principle in Nature: internally coherent systems possess the ability to repel external influences, while incoherent systems are easily penetrated by disorder from outside.

This natural phenomenon is our collective voice and how we can work together across the globe to see heart-centered growth and development.

This is the science behind our 40-day worldwide meditations. This is the power of our consciousness uniting and acting as one. We have the ability to affect our planetary destiny. Let us vibrate together and allow the Cosmos to clear the way for the whole human race!

Every Soul makes a difference in this world.

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