Diet & Salt

It is a common topic in medicine community inquiring about diet and specifically salt. Why is salt excluded when working with plant medicines and healing processes in the jungle?

Salt is a concentration of naturally occurring minerals found in the Earth. All vegetables and even fruits contain trace amounts of these same minerals.

Time before salt was considered very valuable. When a person was a good worker it may be said they are worth their salt. Salt was considered a luxury and also a medicine.

Salt can provide the body with minerals it may be lacking, which serve in essential processes of a harmoniously functioning physical organism – especially for one who lacks fresh vegetables and fruits and / or a direct connection to the Earth.

In modern days, salt is found in nearly every prepared consumable – serving as a flavor enhancer. Table salt is often bleached, with chemical additives or processed in other unnatural ways. In this case the individual is receiving much more salt than the body needs as well as other additives. Now the body begins to use energy to eliminate the excess minerals.

The minerals find their way into the blood stream and form crystals. These concentrated mineral chunks can grow, become deposited in different parts of the body (especially the joints), collect other deposits and wastes, and essentially take up space.

The blood with a high salt / mineral content, limits the natural ease in which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients may enter the blood stream, circulate through the body, and be absorbed limiting the benefit of all the good that is received through healthy whole life style.

By eliminating salt from the diet the existing mineral deposits floating around the body slowly dissolve. The body naturally cleans what is out of balance and restores harmony. The body will feel better and better. More responsive, clear, energized, food will give energy right away, sleep will be more deep and restful, all processes become more efficient. And by eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables the body will receive all it needs and more. All will be utilized more efficiently and the sense of taste will become more sensitive to the subtle flavors of all we eat.

Chinese medicine points to 6 flavors, each having its own role and the flavor itself activating specific parts of the brain and physiology: sweet, spicy, sour, pungent, bitter, and savory ~ balance is key to whole being.

We eliminate salt simply because it is unnecessary, and in most cases for deep self discovery work, in order to dissolve and eliminate every particle of unnecessary residues floating around the blood extended salt free periods and specific plant medicines are helpful.

The healthy physical organism is very sensitive and salt has its own effect. In excess it is very noticeable for one who has developed sensitivity and clean organism. The individual can identify with this feeling, and even feel fear or face real psycho-emotional challenges as the purification process deepens and the organism changes.

The cultural detox process is rooted in the physical. Every condition has its origin as a physical manifestation. As one cleans the body, a natural whole harmony flowers.

The Radiant Heart Center focuses on facilitating the physical cleansing process, offering tools of healthy balanced living – how to care for the physical organism and all parts of being.
Salt free diet is one intelligence choice of many equally vital conditions to whole healthy being.

One significant point to clarify. The insects that come to drink the blood are coming for the minerals found in the blood. When the body is very clean, few insects come. And when they do – the perspective is appreciation for they are serving highest wellbeing of the whole.
When blood is clean the insects leave no mark. If there is much in the blood, the concentration may cause itching, pain, or swelling. This DOES NOT OCCUR when body is clean. Insect is felt, process is appreciated, and released in highest harmony.