Imox the Ocean (Sept 3rd – Sept 16th)

A:1IMIX.TIImox the Crocodile or Ocean
September 3rd – September 16th

Keywords: Unconscious, Intuition, Receptivity, Left Side, Feminine, Collective Unconscious, Unborn Potential, Gestation

The Mayan Tzolkin carries us into a new cycle of nature as the period of the sacred seed comes to an end and a new 9 month cycle of creation begins.  This is the beginning of the 260 day calendar, and a completely new birthing process. beginning with pure unborn potential, and ending in 9 months with full  embodied expression of the infinite.

The dream of the past, over the course of time, have become the seeds of the future – and throughout this last tracena, have been planted within the fertile soils of the collective conscious.  Through our every deed, thought, emotion, spoken word, all forms of expression these seeds have been planted, and are bound to bear the fruit of their essence / origin.

Now we entrust the sacred seeds of our deepest heart’s desires to the rich and fertile soils.  Trusting that mother nature cares and nurtures the seeds, perfectly providing the precise conditions for life to thrive in all its forms.  Imox is the beginning.  It is the soil from which all creation emerges.  It is a period of gestation like being in the womb.  It is the unseen from which all takes shape.

During this period the presence of the absolute is enhanced, along with intuition and receptivity to more subtle realities and because of this type of extra-ordinary information and energy flowing from the fathomless ocean of spirit – things may be a bit “strange”.  With the mystery pushing and pulling as the waves of the ocean its important to maintain clarity, balance and equilibrium, or you may find yourself off balance and off center.  All of these experiences are nurturing the sacred seed vision, yet its our response-ability to every moment be in touch with our unfallible compass, the wholeness navigator of the heart – that operates outside of mental considerations, and is is a limitless intelligence, always directing us towards freedom and the highest expression of love.  Its not important to understand what is happening, but to receive fully the presence of the fathomless ocean of spirit in every experience, all the while maintaining balance, and the following the compass of the heart.

What emerges from the cosmic womb next tracena (beginning September 17th) is Ix the Jaguar.  The embodiment of innocence, very close & united with source, this pristine spring flows as the Jaguar is the embodiment of nature – the intelligence of the infinite potential that is always seeking the resistant-less middle way of more and more harmonious expression.