IQ the Wind (July 26th – August 7th)

July 26th is the first day of a new Tracena ~ or 13 Day Mayan Cycle ~ in the theme of IQ the Wind.
Today, July 25th is the day out of time in Jose Argueles’ 13 moon calendar tradition – which honors July 25th as a day where the cycles of time stand still, and timelessness is celebrated.  From timelessness all things emerge, as is the Nature of IQ the Wind, from stillness comes movement, so may this auspicious day be a return to center, and from here initiation by spirit, setting into motion all things that are to come.


The Wind

July 26th – August 7th

Purification, Breath, Inspiration, Communication
This is a period of purification.  A time to allow the winds of spirit to blow through us like flutes, bringing in a new song that replaces the old story.  Its a great period for cleansing to allow the body to be an empty vessel which accentuates the resonance of spirit – rather than distort the pure melody.
Allow vibration & movement of spirit to be the purifying force that shakes out all inner conflict & discord.  Music, breathing, voice & communication.
Iq is the wind, the breath of spirit, that is the messenger delivering the good news of a new day.  Through the next 13 days allow yourself to be a clear channel of communication, expressing what you see without the drama.  Let the rhythm and melody flow from its clear source, which is a great releasing & purifying gift to yourself.
Iq is the wind that fills our sails of a new adventure upon the high seas of creation.  After releasing all that we were carrying, the beautiful & the baggage, into the sacred fires of Toj during the past 13 days, we are lighter, freer, and ready to embark, allowing ourselves to be carried.
The next tracena is TziKin the Eagle.  The theme of vision.  So may we use this opportunity wisely to clean up & clean up – allowing ourselves to be the vision, to receive the vision, to share the vision.
The new day comes with innocent light.  Kindling the fires of devotion, we offer all that we carry, freeing ourselves for the journey ahead.  Upon the high seas we are carried by the wind with visions of a distant land.
May the Winds of Inspiration Fill Your Sails