Ix Trecena (Sept 16th – Sept 28th)

jaguar ix

Welcome to the Trecena of Ix 

September 16th – September 28th
Totem: Jaguar
Key Words: Primal Energy, Integrity, Receptivity, Magic, Altar of Life

From the absolute pure potential of the last trecena Imox, the substance of creation is born, pure Life Force energy Ix.  Ix (pronounced Ish) is potential in form, it is pure, it is the substance of magic and creation, it is the energy of nature, and the imagery of pure water flowing from a spring.

During the next 13 days of the Ix trecena it is a period to connect more deeply with nature & our source, receiving this creative substance,  and using it in a way that is in harmony with all things and the deepest Truth within – in this way we are the magician who works upon the altar of our Lives.

Ix is also the nagual or energy of Sin.  This means that our expression can be in harmony with nature and integrity of our deepest Truth or it can be out of alignment, and this disharmony with our Nature.  Disharmony creates feelings of shame, stemming from, pride, ambition, envy, lying, breaking the law, ingratitude, and ignorance through laziness.  This is a time to become free of all Shame and align with our True Nature.  This is the integrity of a Jaguar.

From out of the darkness, emerges the innocent footsteps of the jaguar.  Walk in grace, strength, confidence, integrity.

WE are Truth.

Sat Nam

The next Trecena begins September 29th, and is Kej the Deer – the Primal Force has realized its place in service of creation, walking with antlers upwards towards the heavens, and 4 feet firmly upon the Earth.