Preparation Suggestions for Ceremony

The plant medicine world is very special and truly can be considered magic. When working with the medicine it is said the experience is guided by three things – the medicine, the prayer of the one leading the ceremony, and ones own prayer.

Many individuals come to the medicine seeking different things, some come for healing, some for direction or purpose, some for experience, and some are called by the medicine spirit and just feel drawn for unknown reasons.

The medicine works very deep and can help us realize whatever our goals are – most often in mysterious ways.

Each individual is VERY different, we may appear to be a single human family, yet under the surface each lives in a world of their own creation.

We are cosmic beings, with unimaginable depth. This medicine works differently according to the most appropriate manner of interaction for the individual. Some have visions, some deep physical experience, others may feel very little – yet the medicine is always working and even subtle inner work can shift our perspectives and entire reality.

If you are considering working with the medicine, here are some ideas for preparation.

Diet – for 1 – 2 weeks leading up to ceremony leave aside all alcohol, spicy foods, stimulants and caffeine, refined sugar (fruit is okay), chemicals and processed food. Also avoiding dairy, red meat, salt, and cold food and drink are good ideas.

Clarify your intentions for ceremony and direction in your life.

Pray, meditate, go into nature and connect in stillness.

Another exceptionally potent idea is to leave aside reading, entertainment, news, and focus solely on your goals – seeing the ceremony as a springboard into your dreams.

Each individual creates the possibility for transformation in their lives. The medicine is magic yet it also is a master teacher of universal science of being. It helps us to understand how we create every situation that we face. It shows how there is universal order to life. Each of these suggestions when applied sincerely are following natural order to create ideal conditions to receive.

Approach the ceremony with greatest respect, as you are approaching your highest version of yourself, the creator, or a vast mystery that is beyond understanding.

Let go of ideas of what the experience may be, and also how your goals may be met. Solely take aim and release. Allow the medicine to be medicine – whatever that may be for you.

There is oppurtunity to work with the medicine more than once and deepen understanding of how to apply the medicine to ones life.

One ceremony can be very transformational – yet one should leave the idea of sparklers and fireworks aside. The medicine work is a process, and requires dedication and patience, respect and humility.

No two ceremonies are alike – each are always the perfect medicine for what is needed in order to release the unnecessary and realize the fullness of who we are.