Shifting Core Beliefs Part 1: Inventory of Identity

Introduction to Beliefs

All is universal energy.

As unlimited creators constantly give birth to our reality, nearly infinite times every moment.

Our belief system acts as the birthing chambers for this universal energy, and creates the living breathing reality in which we are.

This goes from the most simple things to the most complex.

Everything from the belief that I dont like strawberries, that creates a whole world, and prescribes attitudes, perceptions, actions, thoughts, emotions, words, all in alignment with that truth.  To more subtle beliefs, such as I am unable to meet my partners’ needs, which may translate into every waking moment sense of inadequacy and seeking to be better – a lack of peace stemming from a subtle belief at the center of one’s identity.

These beliefs come from a lifetime of collection, beginning from a very early age, observing from those closest to us, and then over time learning from friends, teachers, colleagues, books, classes, workshops, life experience.  We don’t necessarily realize we are just accumulating more and more, and also operating from a platform of assumption that all of our beliefs are True.

I Am this or I am Not are just beliefs.  I can do this, or I cannot do that.  All of these rules and structures are within the subconscious or unconscious levels of the mind… That simply means that are existing within the bundle of perceptions and feelings that we call self, at a level we are not aware of.  They are the very subtle and fast reminders that flash at near quantum speeds every moment, and ARE accessible if we choose to direct our attention and intention there to uncover, organize and transform the belief structures that create the limitation or freedom we experience.

Identity is reinforced every moment dependent upon beliefs.  With conscious attunement, beliefs may serve as a bridge of structural harmony between the timeless spirit and the human instrument within the worlds of time and space.

There are countless ways of accessing and transforming beleifs.  Mantras, music, exercises, breathing, affirmations, meditation, prayer, countless tools and technologies of every sort.  This is just another way, of accepting oneself in the moment as the creator of one’s reality and begin to unravel the mystery that is the self here and now.

Identity Inventory

Our adventure of unraveling the identity begins by looking at all the habits we have.

Wake up Grateful – harmonize with the flow of gratitude & blessings
Say I love You to Ixta – connect with my divine partner, and give thanks for her perfect presence and love
Stretch – say thanks to the body and circulate this energy to all parts – eye stretching
Bless & Give Thanks to the 7 Directions – say thank you to all creation and wish all creation well
Drink Water – bring in new flow of love and flush out the old
Greet the Sun – salutation to the 4 directions and spirit
4 Directional Harmony
Morning Exercises – wake up energy, discipline of follow through no matter condition
Archer Pose – unshaken gaze, confidence, warrior spirit, the nature of taking aim before action, meditation in action, contentedness, peace in the fire
Har Har Govinde – abundance & prosperity
Cold Shower – clean the sweat and awaken, begin the day fresh
Cosmic Ceremony – harmonize with the planets
Bless Oneself
Meditation – 7×7 synchronizing heart & mind, receiving & sharing the light, har har govinde?
Daily Poetry – Creatively sharing the wisdom of the day
Writing – helping others to realize greater harmony and balance
Meal – fuel for the body, receiving from the divine
Work – service, generate an income, share in joy, meet new people, relate to loved ones
Sacred Circuitry – nervous system / mind / energy flow
Come Home – to green ixta and be received in love
Emails & Tasks – Terrestrial Service
Meal – celebration the body, heart, mind, and spirit
Drink Tea – medicinal, cooling, soothing, preparing the body calming before bed

Eye Exercises – freedom
Bless & Give Thanks to the Spirit of the 7 Directions – thanking all creation for a beautiful day and preparing for nocturnal flight and dreamtime
Peaceful Service – physical body renewed through peace and spirit is renwed through transcendant service

This is an opportunity to see deeper.  This is usually not the unconscious core truths that create the subtle framework in which our reality manifests, but the subconscious understandings that may lead us deeper.


What do we do every day?  What do we do every week?  What do we do every month?

Examine the outer actions and trace them back to the belief in WHY we do them.  Examine and dissect every expression of who we are, and see the why behind them.

Through assessment of WHY we do what we do we can understand what is unnecessary, what is truly leading in a direction of peace, harmony, health, and our dreams, and what has no foundation.

Now look at what is important to you.  What cannot be taken out?  Perhaps we have work, and we have coffee in the morning.

We may choose to redefine the WHY.  Instead of working to earn money, we choose to work as a form of service, to meet new people, to develop discipline, to master a certain field of knowledge / skill.  Transform the belief to be serving the spirit of evolution and growth.

We have drinking coffee for energy to be awake… Well if that is the intention there are countless other options that this can be replaced with to fulfill the same means in a more harmonious way.

And then looking deeper… We can go beyond the work, and look at the belief.  The belief that work in this form is needed to earn an income and survive.  Well can we shift the belief to say that I can earn an income by doing what I love.  The more I love to do it, the more there is a need for that same love.  This is just an example of identifying the unconscious beliefs which are often hidden or invisible.  They may not always be easy to uncover, but they reside at the center of where all the justifications of WHY come from.  And often there is resistance around looking at them or changing them.  They are solid, comfortable, and form the basis for what is real.


There are near countless layers of beliefs.
This is the mystery of self that we uncover through our process of self discovery.  

1) Begin by examine the actions and tracing them back to beliefs
2) See if all the WHYs are working together towards a certain aim or goal
3) Are all parts in harmony?

Shifting Core Beliefs Part 2 coming soon…

Core beliefs are the most subtle beliefs that set into motion our very expression.  From stillness they are the emergence of identity.  And depending on their configuration, they may be liberating and joyful, or they may be the source of sorrow and shadow.  They are often invisible to the rational or mechanical mind, and only be intuited or sensed with more subtle faculties.  Because the core beliefs reside at the unconscious level, the patterns reveal their presence.