The Science of Awakening Human Potential

The science of plant medicines help awaken human potential and to liberate the narratives held in the unconscious and subconscious minds. The technology and discipline of Kundalini Yoga aid in this same process of self illumination and to gain self awareness and mastery over one’s domain to not be pulled and swayed by the outer and inner influences that are in alignment with the conditioning that form part of the psyche and personality.

The technology of Morning Sadhana, the kriyas, and working with the sound current all aid in the process of the re-awakening of self awareness and mastery ,as well as, help to purify the physical and energetic stagnation in the mind/body from what we call the “culture”. This body and psyche has literally been conditioned by the vibratory field that it has been shaped by.

Using the technologies of the plants as well as the yoga, we are able to begin to break up the density that has made our human instrument calcified and densified. We then begin to allow the physical instrument to be the fine instrument of vibration and vessel of illumination that is was intended to be. Like the jungle, the practice of the discipline of Kundalini yoga facilitates a process of detoxifying the body, opening the energetic channels, helping the individual become aware of the mental tendencies and vacillations that are limiting and that are stuck in cyclical repetitive habitual patterns which manifest as self defeating tendencies and neuroses, and to become sovereign from the identification with those tendencies that create limitation and disharmony in the mind/body and in the life. The vibrational patterns of the habitual mental tendencies create a type of “holding in place’’ that doesn’t allow for the free flow of the spirit to create the life and manifest the destiny of the individual and also keeps us stuck in this idea of individuation that is not in alignment with the reality of creation.

We are all a part of the same Prakriti – material nature of the intelligence that we call GOD. When we begin to attune to the science of life, we begin to rediscover the very nature of this material existence that we are a part of. We have these incredible technologies available to us in this time of turmoil and confusion to serve that exact purpose of helping to deliver us to our own sovereignty so that we can serve as the ambassadors and pioneers of the new earth that we are here to be and create.

Rather than identifying with the collective narrative, we are able to have the self awareness enough to identify and consciously choose what “radio station”, if you will, that we wish to tune into and are liberated, in a sense, from the collective impulse and pull towards the reality that we have been living in. It’s with this degree of sovereignty that we are able to truly serve within the collective at this time.

To say that we are in some way separete from the collective is an illusion. However, we can use these technologies of self awareness to help us navigate these times and to truly experience and claim our sovereigty so that we can truly serve when and where we are needed. The element of service is also a technology and tool of attunement in and of itself. When we claim our sovereignty, we can choose where we wish to serve and how we wish to utilize our precious life force for, hopefully, the true benefit of the collective.